Faith Baptist Church Greenwood, Nova ScotiaThe roots of Faith Baptist Church run deep. In the early 1930’s the founder of the work, Dr. John J. Sidey, broke away from the modernism of the United Baptist Convention, resulting in the formation of several organizations, one of which was the Lower Aylesford Baptist Church. Over the course of the years, the name of this independent Baptist church has changed several times: Lower Aylesford Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Church (Ind) and most recently Faith Baptist Church. In its lengthy history there have been six pastors, beginning with Dr. J. J. Sidey and currently by Pastor Brent Karding. Dr. William J. Moorehead had the longest tenure of office being pastor or pastor emeritus from 1962 until the Lord took him home in 2014.

The current congregation had a covenant signing on June 10, 1999, at which time the name officially became Faith Baptist Church (Ind.) of Greenwood. The facilities of Kingston Bible College were used as the meeting place until the keys of the former building were given back to the congregation. Fittingly, the first service in the church building was the funeral of Dr. Moorehead held on April 17, 2014. In past decades, many souls have been reached through the ministries of Bible Clubs, day camps, student teams from Bob Jones University, Early Bird radio ministry, and the Studio One TV program. 

We pray for and anticipate God’s continued blessing as we meet in our regular worship services on Sunday and weekly prayer meetings on Thursdays, as we together savour and spread the gospel of Christ.