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Hallowed Be Thy Name (Part 2)

by Brent Karding

We saw last week that to “hallow” God’s name means to set God Himsef apart as sacred; it is to treat Him as worthy of worship and honour, for He is worthy. Now, why is this request in the Lord’s prayer? Notice that “the Lord’s Prayer has six petitions,” three of them “Thy” petitions, and […]

Hallowed Be Thy Name (Part 1)

by Brent Karding

The “Lord’s Prayer” is a sample of the kind of prayer that pleases the Lord – the kind of prayer that we, as His disciples, ought to pray. This prayer is what our prayers should look like. Not that we should simply regurgitate this prayer daily, but it should be a guide for us in […]

Like a Smug Six-Year-Old

by Brent Karding

At Kingston Bible College and Academy, we have an annual Thanksgiving Prepare-and-Share meal and devotional.  The following is the text of the devotional I gave last week. Good evening! Let’s turn to the book of Colossians, where we’ll read 4 verses that are the basis for tonight’s brief devotional. Colossians 3:12-15: “Put on therefore, as […]

Thy Merits Soar above My Sins

by Brent Karding

Over our vacation the last couple of weeks, I was able to take some time and read a prayer every day from a book called The Valley of Vision, published by Banner of Truth. I had been away from this book for some time, having started it many months before. It is a collection of […]