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Why Don’t Some Christians Go to Church?

by Brent Karding

“I don’t need to go to church; I can worship God at home.” “I’m too busy for church.” “The church is too full of hypocrites.” People make all kinds of excuses not to attend church. Perhaps you are one of those people, or you know one of those people. I’d like to suggest 3 reasons […]

A Token of Our Hope

by Brent Karding

We observed the Lord’s Supper together this past Sunday morning at Faith Baptist Church. The Lord’s Supper has become a wonderful blessing to me in recent years – much more so than it was when I was younger. Perhaps I’ll talk about that in a future blog post! But today I wanted to share with […]

Singing with Understanding: Come, We That Love the Lord

by Brent Karding

Series introduction: The title of this series comes from I Corinthians 14:15, where Paul said, ” I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.” I want to help you sing hymns with understanding; that is, to understand what you are singing with your mind, so that you can rejoice […]