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Why Don’t Some Christians Go to Church?

by Brent Karding

“I don’t need to go to church; I can worship God at home.” “I’m too busy for church.” “The church is too full of hypocrites.” People make all kinds of excuses not to attend church. Perhaps you are one of those people, or you know one of those people. I’d like to suggest 3 reasons […]

He Will Not Leave You As You Are

by Brent Karding

The circumstances of his birth were unusual, to say the least. He was the younger member of a pair of twins. His brother was born first, but he followed right after, and as soon as he left the womb, his hand reached out and grabbed his older brother’s heel with a firm grip. “Awwww,” sighed […]

The Peak of Glory and Happiness

by Brent Karding

I can’t say everything I learn about a passage of Scripture in every sermon. I have to content myself with leaving some thoughts, quotations, or helpful points on the cutting room floor. This blog has been and will be a great venue for me to share clips from the “extended edition” of some of my […]

Who Are You?

by Brent Karding

Who are you? What terms would you use to describe yourself? What relationships do you have that define who you are? Each of us is many things at the same time. For instance, I am a man, a son, a husband, and now a father. I am also a pastor, a friend, and an employee. […]