Several years ago, I wrote a poem called, “Lord Jesus, Fill My Vision.” The focus of the poem is our need of seeing and loving the Lord Jesus in all of life. That need has been on my mind recently in my reading of the book Rejoicing in Christ, by Michael Reeves (which I have mentioned here before). Reeves points out “that before anything else it matters where we look. Before anything else it matters what fills our vision” (Kindle ed., loc. 1542, emphasis mine). Do you spend more time looking at your sins, looking at your problems, or looking at Jesus?

The only way to grow in godliness is by seeing Jesus Christ revealed in His Word. We must focus on Him instead of ourselves, for, as Reeves says, “a focus on self is not the secret of godliness” (loc. 1554). One day, we will be transformed to be perfectly like Him when “we … see him as he is” (I John 3:2). And even now, “[t]he sight of him … by the Spirit makes us more like him spiritually” (loc. 1560). And how we see Him is in the written Word of God, as we meditate upon it and expose our souls to its light (II Cor. 3:18).

With that in mind, I hope that the words of my poem below encourage you to seek this vision of Jesus in His Word, and to pray that the Lord helps you keep His truth and His love before your eyes throughout each day of your life.

1. Lord Jesus, fill my vision;
The world’s display I see
Of brightly-coloured trinkets
That draw my heart from Thee.

Oh, foolish heart and sinful,
To thus believe a lie,
And drink from broken cisterns
That cannot satisfy.

2. Lord Jesus, fill my vision;
The painted lies of sin
Seduce me with their beauty
And hide the death within.

Oh, help me now to trust Thee;
Thy Word is ever true;
Delight me with Thy beauty;
My joy shall be in You.

3. Lord Jesus, fill my vision
When I am full of care,
When disappointments crush me
And life I cannot bear.

Oh, help me see Thee walking
Upon my stormy sea,
Each wind and wave controlling,
And speaking peace to me.

4. Lord Jesus, fill my vision,
That all the world may see
The brightness of Thy glory
Reflected now in me.

Through this weak, earthen vessel
Display Thy power and might
In turning hearts of sinners
From darkness unto light.

5. Lord Jesus, fill my vision
Through all my pilgrim days,
Till death’s cold waves rush o’er me
And I behold Thy face!

Upon the shores of glory
My song shall be of Thee,
And Thou shalt fill my vision
For all eternity!