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Lord Jesus, Fill My Vision

by Brent Karding

Several years ago, I wrote a poem called, “Lord Jesus, Fill My Vision.” The focus of the poem is our need of seeing and loving the Lord Jesus in all of life. That need has been on my mind recently in my reading of the book Rejoicing in Christ, by Michael Reeves (which I have […]

The Purpose of Church Music (Part 2)

by Brent Karding

Last Thursday we saw the importance of both truth and spirit in our worship, according to John 4:24.  We saw that God commands us to use music in our services (Col. 3:16). The question then arises: What music should we use in our church services?  For we must use some style or styles of music.  Does God care […]

The Purpose of Church Music (Part 1)

by Brent Karding

Earlier this year, I preached a message on the purpose of church music.  Right now, that is by far the most downloaded audio message on our Sermon Audio page.  I thought I would turn it into two blog posts so that people can read these important truths, and not just hear them in a sermon.  It […]