“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him” (Psalm 34:8).

Do you know what Easter dinner is? “Of course,” you’ll probably answer! And why will you answer that way? Because you have a three-volume set on Easter dinner – its purpose, preparation, and progress into the stomach? (That sounds like quite a series of books!) No, of course not! You know what Easter dinner is because you have eaten it.

Do you know what God’s goodness is? Be careful – you ought to be able to answer this for the same reason you could answer the first question. Saying, “I know verses about God’s goodness” is like saying, “I’ve read the three-volume set on Easter dinner.” That’s all well and good, but have you tasted it? You can’t truly enjoy Easter dinner until you feast on it; and you can’t truly know God until you taste Him.

But how can you taste God? You taste Him by experiencing Him. I’m not talking about some mystical experience; I’m talking about what Psalm 34:8 is taking about! You can’t know how faithful God is until you trust Him for something you need; you can’t know how good God is until you are in desperate need of mercy and grace and God comes through; you can’t know how sweet God is until you are thirsty and come to the Bible and drink it up.

Now, the first kind of knowledge – the “books about Easter dinner” knowledge – is important with God. You need to rationally apprehend His goodness. But that is not complete knowledge; the knowledge of Psalm 34:8 comes about by experiencing it. There are some things that are true about God that we can only know fully through experiencing them, just like the only way to know fully the deliciousness of Easter dinner is to taste it.

So let me ask you again: Do you know what God’s goodness is? When was the last time you tasted His goodness in a word of Scripture, or by casting a care on Him and experiencing perfect peace? Dig in to God’s goodness; trust Him; taste Him; take a forkful or two; and you will truly know how good He is – far better than any ham dinner at Easter!