A refreshing sip of a warm mug of coffee in the morning. Sinking into the softness of a couch after a tiring day. The warmth of your spouse’s hand in yours as you walk on the beach in the brightness of summer. The sweet tang of crumbly, warm, strawberry rhubarb pie next to the cold, firm moistness of ice cream on your tongue. The thrilling beauty of still, white points of starry light in the deep blue of a night sky. The heat of a crackling fire on a cold winter evening.

Who created your taste buds and delicious tastes to meet them? Who invented softness, hardness, smoothness, and warmth? Who sprinkled the stars across the vault of heaven and made a place within you for awe to bubble up when you gaze on them? Who formed Adam and his Eve, and blessed every Adam and Eve since? Who made the satisfaction of a job well done and the peace of rest? Who made the rolling, foaming waves and the shining sun as pleasant to the eyes? Who formed and crafted and bestowed every joy and pleasure upon mankind?

The same one who wept at our rebellion; the same one who chose an idol worshipper as the father of His people and led him to Canaan; the same one who blessed and formed a nation; the one we beheld with the glory of the Father and hated, spat upon, tortured, and impaled on a tree.

Yet this scarred Man purchased for you every physical pleasure, emotional joy, and heartfelt delight you have ever felt. So today, as you enjoy your family, your food, and your salvation, let your heart break with unworthiness and swell with gratitude to Jesus Christ for these undeserved, unending gifts of love – these kisses from Heaven.