What must the first day of life be like for a newborn baby? All new experiences; bewildering sensations; strange sights and sounds. A newborn baby doesn’t get to design her own world; no, she is born into a world already formed and ordered by God, with pre-existing realities and rules. These are some of the thoughts that came into my mind when hearing the news that my sister had her baby last week.

You see, the truth is that Jesus is Lord. He is not just Lord of Christians but Lord of all – the entire universe, all the way up, all the way down, and all the way across. He wrote the laws of physics and perfectly crafted the law of gravity. He designed maleness and femaleness, with the wonderful, unique characteristics and responsibilities of each – and made my sister’s baby a girl. She didn’t get to choose her gender any more than she got to choose any of the other parts of her world. She entered a world fully-formed.

Yet the world is filled with people who deny the Lordship of Jesus Christ. They want to make their own rules. They object to objective reality, and embrace the malleability of truth. They abhor the idea of there being any distinction in the roles of men and women. They reject moral absolutes.

And this denial of God’s created order is nothing new. It is as old as the serpent’s hiss, “Yea, hath God said?” God has revealed Himself not only in the book of Scripture but in the book of Creation – and modern man rejects both and seeks to create his own reality.

But modern sexual confusion is doomed to failure for one fundamental reason: It is not based on reality. And reality is, you know… real. People have jumped off the cliff of faith and are enjoying the feeling of freedom of soaring through the air – almost like flying! Except it is not flying but falling, and it ends with a deadly crash on the rocks below.

God’s Word present the reality of the world as He created it, and how we ought to live in light of that reality. And the way God tells us to live is the only way of happiness and life and joy and fulfillment.

Therefore, we ought never to be ashamed of anything the Bible says. Admittedly, I automatically feel a twinge of embarrassment when reading the words, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands.” But this is written in God’s good, inerrant, joy-giving Word, and so I should never be ashamed of it! Therefore, we ought to ungrudgingly embrace the biblical view of complementary relationships in marriage! If the culture is against it, our response should be, “Too bad for the culture!” God says it, the distinction between men and women is real and good and beautiful, and we must love it and live it.

One thing I want to do on this blog is defend some of the teachings of God’s Word currently under attack in our culture – teachings on such topics as egalitarianism, gay marriage, and women pastors.  You can expect blog posts to appear irregularly in the next months on such topics.  I want to help you see how everything God says is good and right and admirable! This is true even if Joe Modern chokes on his latte when you tell him you still believe Leviticus.  Even if he turns purple.